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BibleMax English Majority Text Version Bible 1.0

BibleMax add-in featuring the Majority Text version of the Bible
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BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Scriptures fron the convenience of your computer desktop. It has many interesting features, like its powerful Search capabilities, the possibility of printing and/or exporting any part of the Bible to a text processor, and to add your own bookmarks and comentaries. Also, it is possible to enrich the core program by downloading a wide variety of modules containing commentaries by reputable scholars, reference books, maps, and many different versions of the Holy Bible. One of such versions is the English Majority Text, which is an English translation of the New Testament based on the statistical comparison of all the existing versions of the Bible, deriving the texts, words and concepts that appear more frequently on the original Bible Versions. Thus, it is not based on one particular source, but in many of them. As with other BibleMax add-ins, the English Majority Text allows you to use all the features of the core program, such as its graphic index, the Search and Advanced Search capabilities, as well as all the commentaries and reference books installed.
This module only works with BibleMax software, so you must download and install the core program before running this version of the Bible.

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  • Useful, takes advantage of all the BibleMax features


  • It only works with BibleMax software
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